Bulletproof Car Company CEO Takes Shots From AK 47 To Prove Security

Bulletproof Car Company CEO Takes Shots From AK 47 To Prove Security

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Bulletproof Car Company CEO Takes Shots From AK 47 To Prove Security
CEO of armored car company sits behind the wheel of Mercedes while employee fires 12 of an AK-47 at him to prove how tough his vehicles are.Texas Armoring Corporation created a video to show the effectiveness of their armor. CEO R. Trent Kimball sat in the drivers seat of a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Total of 12 rounds fired at the windscreen. Company known for working with celebrities, oil barons and even the Pope. For everyone who has ever thought about shooting their boss - metaphorically, o fcourse - this one is for you.
An employee of a Texas armored car company got to do just that this week to 'demonstrate that they take client safety seriously'.
And to further that demonstration, the CEO was sitting alone inside the Mercedes-Benz as 12 rounds from an AK-47 rained down upon the SUV.
The company, Texas Armoring Corporation, has supplied protected vehicles to the Pope, celebrities like rapper T.I. and actor Steven Segal and oil executives in West Africa, according to My San Antonio.
Just another day at work: Kimball casually steps out of the vehicle that was hit 12 timesThe shots were fired by the company's sales and export compliance manager, Lawrence Kosub, who seemed very familiar with an assault rifle.
In the driver's seat was Texas Armoring Corporation president R. Trent Kimball.
All of Kosub's shots hit the windscreen and none of them breached it.
'When it comes to assuring our clients' safety, we take product testing extremely seriously,' Kimball says in a video taken of the display.
'Life is valuable - protect it,' Kimball adds at the end.
Kimball does not address whether he is nervous before getting in the vehicle, but he doesn't appear to be. It has since been uploaded to YouTube and, as any good PR campaign should, will likely get them many more clients.


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